Measure & reduce energy use & emissions from remote working.

We make it effortless and engaging for you and your employees to transition to a low-carbon or a net-zero distributed workplace.


We help employees reduce the carbon footprint of their home office


Capture your energy consumption

from remote working and take action

Our employee App makes data collection really easy. We use a combination of text recognition technology and proprietary algorithms to capture the "remote working portion" within the overall residential data. This consumption is then translated into costs and carbon footprint in order to help employees take action: request a reimbursement, claim tax deductions, or simply offset their carbon footprint.


We help employers reduce the carbon footprint of their distributed workplace


track emissions from your

distributed workplace

Our employer's dashboard lets you seamlessly manage data collection and calculations for your distributed workplace. We offer integration to your corporate systems, custom settings to tailor calculations to your needs, and dynamic result visualization to help you understand your impact and report it to your stakeholders.


Engage your employees in

emission reduction and offsetting

We curate a wide range of solutions to help you empower your employees to reduce energy consumption at home and to offset your emissions from your distributed workplace. Our team of experts can help you design, simulate, and deploy unique rewards that will be win-win for you and your employees. 


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Take action for the Climate

Our team of experts can help you identify effective solutions 

to optimize energy consumption -and costs- in homes while reducing carbon emissions


Reduce consumption

From replacing light bulbs to installing smart thermostats, to entire home retrofits, we can help you find the right solutions to reduce energy consumption at your employees' homes.


Manage refrigerants

From managing leaks of fluorinated gases used in homes as refrigerants to replacing them with better alternatives for the climate, we can provide you with the right technical advice. 


Shift energy sources

Helping your employees switch their homes' energy sources to clean alternatives like solar, offshore or onshore wind, or geothermal energy is one of the most effective ways to reduce emissions. We can guide you.


Offset emissions

After reducing emission at source, at your employees' homes, you can offset emissions elsewhere as well through the purchase of verifiable carbon credits. Let us help you choose right.




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